Be patient; enjoyment will come

Be patient; enjoyment will come

The term "homegrown talent" has a whole new meaning with 23-year-old Lucy Rose: she recorded most of Like I Used To in her parents' house.

On this gentle, almost rambling collection of 11 songs, Rose tends to mix up time signatures and tempos - within a song. It can throw the listener off; but once you're aware of this, it makes album refreshing, rather than frustrating.

There's a purity to these tunes - acoustic, very little "production", and usually just guitar and drums cushioning Rose's fragile voice.

Opener Red Face sounds at first like a Coldplay composition, but within seconds has calmed to a lull.

Some songs are about failed relationships, but tinkly tunes mask bittersweet lyrics such as Shiver's "we stole every moment we had to make the other one feel bad".

Bikes is one of the more upbeat numbers, cleverly using claps, drums and melody to evoke the image of a bicycle's wheels.

Much like her name, Rose's Like I Used To is a grower. If you're not instantly a fan of her wispy vocals and often directionless melodies, don't despair: press repeat, and a favourite is sure to emerge.

YP Rating: 3/5

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