Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman (anime)

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman (anime)

Feudal Japan in the 19th century gets a little rowdier at night with the Merry Men-like antics of Roman, a thief working for justice and the people in the new action comedy anime Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman.

The protagonist is Roman, who works as a freelance jack-of-all-trades by day, helping people with chores and errands to earn his daily bread; but at night, he becomes Nezumi Kozo, a thief who seems to take inspiration from Robin Hood, stealing back money and precious keepsakes taken from the townsfolk by corrupt officials.

Roman is aided by his younger sister, Koharu, and other friends: a chopstick artisan, an eccentric scientist, a doctor and a shrine maiden. Together they foil the city auditor's get-rich-quick scams and make the townsfolk smile again.

Lupin III fans will recognise the character designs, as most have been borrowed from Lupin III mangaka Monkey Punch (aka Kazuhiko Kato). In some ways, this show could be considered a pseudo-prequel.

Bakumatsu is an original anime produced by TMS Entertaintment, the creators of such classics as Moomin, Lupin III, Doraemon and Zetman. It's based on a pachinko game called Ginroku Gijinden Roman. It just started on TV Tokyo, so it may be a while until it reaches our shores. Keep your eyes peeled.


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