Generation's album hits a gap

Generation's album hits a gap

Girls' Generation's fourth studio release, I Got a Boy, is a diverse and revealing album, as the nine-member group undertakes a wide range of styles and genres. As pioneers of the Hallyu wave, most notably for their single Gee, Girls' Generation are constantly shifting stylistically and musically.

However, the direction of I Got a Boy is unclear. The title track is confusing and fragmented, fluctuating from rapping that feels forced and unnatural to something like a rock anthem, then to generic pop, leaping, once again, into electronica - and then the cycle repeats. The group deserve credit for their ability to shift abruptly between genres, but the song overall is jarring.

The rest of the album ranges from the bold to banal. Express 999 and Look at Me are also bold amalgamations of genres, but are executed successfully. But then they revert back to standard slow ballads and saccharine pop songs such as Lost in Love and Promise that showcase vocal finesse but lack innovation.

The final song, Romantic Road, is one of the standouts, featuring a big band ensemble and fine harmonies.

Girls' Generation need to surprise, but not jar; innovate, but with sensibility.

YP Rating: 3/5

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