Lost in a fantasy world

Lost in a fantasy world

Some people say daydreaming is a waste of time. But no one can deny that it is a beautiful and much-needed element of life. For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers about their most awesome daydreams

1. Singing the praises

I will write a poem and someone will make it into a viral song. Famous artists, like Psy and Lady Gaga, will do their own cover versions, and everyone will start singing my work.

Jack Sze

2. Directing a Harry Potter TV series

I guess not everyone has got over Harry Potter yet. I would like to make a new TV series based on the books. How about kicking off the series with Lily, Harry's mother, receiving her acceptance letter from Hogwarts?

Ruby Leung

3. Winning the golden ticket

How about becoming Charlie, from Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I can taste the mouth-watering chocolate river and try the blueberry and beef-flavoured chewing gums.

Janet Choi

4. Multitasking

I was thinking of splitting myself into several different girls and naming them Ashley, Libby, Connie, and so on. That way, I could meet all my deadlines - assignments, near-due library books, contests - all in one go.

Cassandra Lee

5. Meeting Doctor Who

I am going to meet the BBC's fictional time traveller, Doctor Who, and travel across the universe in his iconic British police box, aka the Tardis.

Hudson Hilliard

6. Hunting down superheroes

I'm definitely no hero, but I would make an awesome villain, fighting along with Magneto, Deadpool and Doctor Doom from Marvel Comics. That'd be the coolest thing ever.

Mimi Lam

7. Becoming a person of consequence

I want to achieve as much as I can and bring changes to the world.

Yet, more importantly, I want to be someone who will never stop believing that anything is possible in this beautiful world!

Limbu Laxmi

8. Winning the Nobel Prize for Literature

I was just enjoying a daydream about winning the Nobel Prize for literature when my teacher asked me questions about a poem. I understand everything in the universe but poems. Then again, there are Nobel prizes in physics and economics, too, right? Well, I still have some hope then.

Heidi Kwan

9. Staging awesome flash mobs

I've always dreamed of planning something spectacular. Maybe I can organise flash mobs in public squares.

Jade Lam

10. Becoming a psychologist

I always think about how I can become a successful psychologist, sitting down in my own office and having consultations with my clients.

Mizuki Nishiyama

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