The word of God

The word of God

Politicians have, in the past, confessed that they factored God into their decision-making process. In 2005, the former United States president George W. Bush told Palestinian leaders: "God would tell me, 'George go end the tyranny in Iraq' and I did." I would expect to see some raised eyebrows as you take in those words. Can this justify the US invasion of Iraq?

Alistair Campbell, former British prime minister Tony Blair's communications director, once pronounced: "We don't do God". Interestingly today, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation sets out to endorse religion as a force for good in the world.

Interpretations of God vary from religion to religion, and person to person. In an age of growing distrust of our politicians, it might be sensible for them to factor out God from their political judgments. This is not to say they should disregard the needs of religious groups or to remove their moral compasses entirely. But, if they do not want to offend or alienate more people in society, they should choose their words with care.



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