Script: Listening Exercise 166

Script: Listening Exercise 166

A Job at the ‘Six Summers’

Voice 1: Ben works as a server in the lounge at the three star ‘Formby Hotel. He's worked here for two years, and now he's ready to make a move to advance his career in hotel hospitality. He saw a job advert for a senior server at the five star 'Six Summers' hotel, and he asked for an application form.

Tonight, Ben's friend Jenny is helping him fill in the form. Listen to their conversation, and then fill in the blank form with the correct details.

Ben: I hate filling in application forms. I always make a mess!

Jenny: Take it slowly. Right, let's start. Last name ... Chan ... first name ... Ben.

Ben: I can manage that! And Home address .... Apartment 15, Floor 15, Block C, Star Gardens, Kowloon Bay

Jenny: And then circle KLN. Mobile phone? 5437 4123. Home phone?

Ben: I don't have one.

Jenny: Write N. A. It stands for "Not applicable".

Ben: Work phone 3653 3321. Extension 37.

Jenny: Email address ...

Ben: Now onto the employment record section. Lots to put in here.

Jenny: Your present employer, is it Formby Hotels Limited?

Ben: No. Formby Hotels Group.

Jenny: Address and phone?

Ben: The main office? Pacific House, South Road, Chai Wan. Phone 2642 2323.

Jenny: Your current position?

Ben: Lounge server.

Jenny: Salary?

Ben: Nine thousand Hong Kong dollars.

Jenny: Dates employed?

Ben: Let me think. May, 2010 until now.

Jenny: Put 'present' where it says 'until'.

Ben: Right.

Jenny: Who's your supervisor?

Ben: Miss Wong

Jenny: Duties?

Ben: Assisting guests, serving food and drinks from the lounge menu.

Jenny: And the last bit. Why do you want to leave?

Ben: That's easy. To advance my career.

Jenny: Good. Write that here.

Ben: To advance career .... now, this section. Position desired at 'Six Summers' ... senior lounge server.

Jenny: Full-time, part-time or casual?

Ben: Full-time. What do I put for desired salary?

Jenny: Put your present salary and a plus sign. That means you want more than you are getting now.

Ben: Right. Date available for work? I don't need to give notice at Formby.

Jenny: Write 'immediate' there. Do you need a work visa to work in Hong Kong? No.

Ben: Are there any hours, shifts or days that you will be unable to work? No.

Jenny: We've almost finished. How did you learn about the 'Six Summers' job?

Ben: I found it online.

Jenny: Right, circle 'Internet'. Now, have you ever been found guilty of a criminal offence?

Ben: Of course not!

Jenny: Right. I think we're finished. Let's go through it again, then you can sign and date it at the bottom and we'll get it in the post.


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