Predictable but great fun

Predictable but great fun


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The 66-year-old former bodybuilder and governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is well past the traditional sell-by date for macho action heroes. But a decade after his last action role, he's back in The Last Stand.

He plays Ray Owens, the sheriff of an American border town. He and his force have a generally quiet time, until one day a drug kingpin escapes from the FBI and heads for Mexico in a specially outfitted car. Owens and gang are the last line of defence before he disappears forever.

There are moments when Schwarzenegger proves he's still got it. He fires off rounds and drops his signature one-liners throughout the film, but he is undeniably reaching the late afternoon of his action career. One of the comic highlights involves Schwarzenegger's self-effacing comment - "How are you, Sheriff?" "Old!"

The film is South Korean director Jee-woon Kim's Hollywood debut, and he delivers an entertaining, fast-paced film. You get car crashes, dangerous weapons - all very predictable. But it's wildly entertaining, and that's what matters in this sort of over-the-top action-flick.

YP Rating: 3/5

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