An evening full of surprises

An evening full of surprises


Concert review Sodagreen_L
Photos: Venetian Macao
Taiwanese folk-pop band Sodagreen finally made their long-overdue Macau debut with a recent concert at the Venetian.

Formed in 2001, the six-person group has been climbing the charts with their emotional, folky sounds, including those on their last album, What's Troubling You (你在煩惱什麼).

So I was surprised when the first song was the fast rock track, Believe in Music. It proved to be the perfect opener: lyrics urging you to believe in the power of music certainly set the tone. Clad in all-white outfits, the band rocked through another hard-hitting number before settling down with some mellower tracks.

In an unusual move, keyboardist Gong Yu-chi played right next to lead singer Wu Tsing-fong at the front of the stage, rather than hidden at the back somewhere. He proved worthy of his place, as many of the songs started with his excellent piano playing. At one point, Gong was the main focal point, as Wu sang most of You Are My Ocean (是我的海) from the back of the stage, with his back to the crowd. This didn't bother anyone, though: Wu's powerful yet silky vocals had everyone swaying along.

While there were plenty of fun moments, it was the touching tribute to Wu's late father that stole the show. Sitting on a high chair, with the only light coming from a floor lamp, Wu played the demo version of the first verse of When I Was Young (小時侯) before singing the rest of the song.

Towards the end of the show, the band left the stage while playing Every 10 Years (十年一刻) (ah, the wonders of wireless technology). They made their way to the back of the venue, passing through the hordes of fans, and playing all the while. Then they introduced their entire crew. This went on for a while before it was revealed that it was all to help their backup guitarist propose to his girlfriend. With the crowd urging her on, she said yes.

Sodagreen's gig was a memorable night for a special couple and all their fans.



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