Campus romance a bit of fun

Campus romance a bit of fun

University was the best time of Jesse Fisher's (Josh Radnor) life. He now works as a university admissions counsellor, but his career - and life - is going nowhere.

One day, he receives an invitation to the retirement dinner of his beloved former professor. Fisher finally gets an excuse to return to his alma mater and this is where Liberal Arts kicks off.

While revisiting the campus, Fisher meets an undergraduate called Zibby (Elizabeth Olsen), and finds himself falling for her. Despite similar tastes in music and books, there seems to be no escaping their 16-year age gap.

Josh Radnor, who also wrote and directed the film, is probably best known for his role as Ted Mosby in TV sitcom How I Met Your Mother. He's an appealing actor, but his direction and writing skills have yet to catch up.

The film may not offer deep insights, but its dialogues on relationships, disappointments and ageing are enjoyable, and Radnor's nostalgia for student life does come across as genuine.

If you don't mind bookish escapism and at-times snobbish comments on pop culture, Liberal Arts is a refreshing start to the year.

YP Rating: 3/5

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