My last Doomsday wishes

My last Doomsday wishes

In case you are staying in a basement somewhere reading this and wondering what to do before the end of the world, our readers have suggested their top 10 things to do on December 21

1. Calling up old friends

I will spend most of the day looking through my contact list and calling up friends and teachers I have not spoken to for years. Maybe we could hang out together and do a farewell countdown for the end of the world.

Jack Sze

2. Carol singing

I will be attending a sermon and singing in a carol service with the school choir. Hopefully, God will save us.

Natalie Fung

3. Picnic

We are having a school picnic today. Will the world end while I am eating marshmallows and barbecued food?

Doris Lam

4. Keep calm and carry on

I will treat today just as I would any other day - except that I will be anticipating the arrival of December 22 a bit more.

Kerrie Chiu

5. Stay close to family

Lately, my parents have been too busy to sit down and watch television together. I will spend the day sitting on the sofa and having some laid-back moments with my loved ones.


6. Praise the Lord

I will give thanks to God because He has graciously given me another day to live, and then I will go about my normal routine. I am sure it is not the end of the world because Jesus said so.

Cassandra Lee

7. Play sports

I will go rock climbing, swimming and running - all on the same day. I will be too exhausted to care about the end of the world by then.

Lau Chun-kit

8. Apocalypse Now

I don't know about you, but I'll be yelling, "The horror! The horror!" - as is my wont.

Colonel Walter E Kurtz

9. Making new friends

Befriending Catherine, the cat next door I used to hate, is my mission on this portentous day.

Dennis Goodboy

10. Hang out with friends

The world was supposed to end seven months ago. Apparently, the Mayan calendar does not count the leap years. Looks like I can enjoy some great food with friends, worry-free.

Mimi Lam



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