Spider-Man's next enemy

Spider-Man's next enemy

After a deadly encounter, Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, met his end in the 700th issue of The Amazing Spider-Man comic series. His nemesis, Dr Octopus, has taken Parker's body and will live on as The Superior Spider-Man. For this week's Top 10, we ask our readers who could possibly be Spider-Man's next arch-enemy?

1. His 'best friend'

Comic artists should consider creating a new "best friend" for Spider-Man. He discovers Spider-Man's secret and is jealous of his fame. Over time, he creates a potion that reduces Spider-Man's powers, slipping it into his drinks every day until he can no longer be Spider-Man.

Cedric Leung

2. The Apple-Man

Perhaps comic artists could stage the return of Steve Jobs, godfather of Apple? He could beat Spider-Man with some of his new gadgets. But, more likely, he would start a joint venture with the Transformers and make special light beams to eliminate spiders.

Kate Ng

3. Spider-Woman

You know how love can turn sour sometimes? His number one fan girl is so upset about Parker's death that she trains herself to become Spider-Woman, fighting her former idol.

Janet Tam

4. Deadpool

What better nemesis than the legendary Marvel assassin? The new Spider-Man will have a hard time trying to defeat a mutant who can heal himself as quickly as Wolverine and shoot lasers from his eyes like Cyclops. He also lived for more than 800 years - another reason to love this ultimate villain.

Mimi Lam

5. His physics teacher

After years of observation and study, Parker's physics teacher knows all the moves his former student is capable of. The new Spider-Man will need a boot camp to improve on all his weaknesses before fighting this knowledgeable nemesis.

Samantha Lau

6. The girlfriend

Sometimes our worst enemies happen to be our most trusted friends. The challenge to scriptwriters, though, would be to determine how to balance the supportive and destructive roles played by the same girl.

Cassandra Lee

7. The Joker

Since the new Spider-Man has little experience in the job, The Joker can pose the biggest threat to Spider-Man's physical and mental strength, as he tries to continue the legacy of Peter Parker.

Jack Sze

8. Wheat-Cake Monster

Although Parker is dead, I guess part of Spider-Man still loves his grandmother's home-made wheat cake. The next Spider-Man comic artist should include a wheat-cake monster - something like Cookie Monster, only bigger and more dangerous.

Lau Chun-kit

9. My Mum

She never hesitates to roll up magazines and kill any spider with pinpoint accuracy. Spider-Man won't stand a chance against this new nemesis.

Erica Tsui

10. Big Bird

Spiders are top of the list of animals I am scared of. But I think some birds eat spiders, don't they?

Dennis Goodboy

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