Robbie's classy comeback

Robbie's classy comeback

Robbie Williams' comeback album, Take the Crown, is all about no-nonsense, shameless pop.

In kickstarter, Be a Boy, Williams sings, "I'm half your age and lived twice your life." Played alongside a light electronic backdrop, his vocals are untouched, tonally raw and youthful. He may be 38, but his voice still oozes boyish charm.

Lead single Candy starts off with some dancehall brass instrumentals and finger snapping. Williams steps in with his playfulness and confidence, keeping within an easy range. The chorus switches to a fast tempo where his pop roots take full shape. A clever and repetitive hook makes this radio hit impossible to miss.

Different is a soft rock tune, which displays Williams' vulnerable side. His falsetto adds a compelling, coarse quality, as if he is begging to have his emotions heard. The singer's personal struggles are translated into some easy-on-the-ear music.

This carefully crafted collection will keep Williams on top of charts for a little while longer.

YP Rating: 4/5

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