Script: Listening Exercise 164

Script: Listening Exercise 164

How To Make Your Day Better

Voice 1: What sort of a day did you have yesterday? Was it good, or just okay or bad? On any given day, lots of the things that make us happy or upset are beyond our control, but we can do a lot ourselves to make our day a good one.

Voice 2: One trick to start the day well is to make sure we are not rushed the minute we get up. We all like to stay in bed as long as possible in a morning, but this is not always a good thing.

Voice 1: Don't get out of bed at the very last minute and then rush around trying to get ready. And never skip breakfast because you don't have time.

Voice 2: Get up fifteen minutes earlier than you usually do. Stress levels go through the roof when we rush at the beginning of a day. Giving yourself an extra fifteen minutes makes time for your body and mind to wake up and move into a comfortable gear.

Voice 1: Happy tip number two. Take a lemon out of the fridge and give it a long, slow sniff. Scientists have proved that citrus smells make us feel better. Sniffing a lemon boosts the flow of serotonin, a hormone that puts us in a good mood.

Voice 2: Tip number three. Give someone a hug. A good hug releases natural feel-good hormones into your body and makes you feel wanted. But there is something you have to remember with this tip. Choose who you hug very carefully. Don't approach a stranger in the street and suddenly hug them. And some opepne just aren’t comfortable being hugged or giving hugs, are sometimes a bit scared of hugs, so give someone a high-five instead of a hug if you're more comfortable doing that.

Voice 1: Doing physical activity also makes happy hormones flow in your body, so make sure you pack some walking or running or sport or dancing into your busy day.

Voice 2: Make sure you have time to get yourself looking good before you leave home. The day always seems better when we think we look our best. This isn’t about vanity. This is me-time, and it's important.

Voice 1: Tip number six. Everyone has a bad day if they are in a rush all the time. At the start of every day, or even the day before, make a list of what you have to achieve, and put your tasks in order of importance and time. Work your way through your tasks and tick each one off the list when you’ve done it. Get organised. Good organisation is often the secret of feeling happy. Have a good day!


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