New year, new life

New year, new life

Here we are at the beginning of 2013 and we hope you have already reflected on the past and planned your New Year resolutions. In case you have not made up your mind just yet, here are the Top 10 resolutions from our readers

1. Stop burning the midnight oil

Like many of my teenage counterparts, I find staying up late irresistible. But having a late night surely does more harm than good to my health. I wish you all a year of quality sleep!

Heidi Kwan

2. Go up in the air

I am planning a hot-air balloon trip to South America after my HKDSE, like what Carl and Russell did in Pixar's Up. I may not be able to find Paradise Falls, but travelling by hot-air balloon would definitely make for a remarkable trip.

Kate Ng

3. Get taller

Even a centimetre would help. To make that happen, I will do more running and swimming, and drink a bucket of milk every day.

Simon Leung

4. Become an optimist

I plan to train myself to become an optimist. I find I am getting more depressed as I grow up. Being happy will help me solve problems, and I'll paint this year with bright colours.

Samantha Lau

5. Send invitations sparingly

I need to make sure not to invite more than 60 friends to my home for the next New Year's Eve party.

Hudson Hilliard

6. Let bygones be bygones

To forgive and be forgiven. After all, it's a New Year and it's a new beginning!

Cassandra Lee

7. Stick to a fitness regime

It's not hard to shed 10kg - but to keep it off? That's a lifestyle choice.

Jocelyn Wong

8. Study hard

I am not trying my best academically, but it is time to change that. Be it my Chinese results or other electives, I'm really going to try as hard as I can and achieve something better this year.

Mimi Lam

9. Speed up

I have not been a very efficient person. But no matter what I am doing this year, I am going to speed it up. I need more time to prepare for public exams and to read more and exercise.

Winnie Lee

10. Build up mileage

I have just enjoyed an awesome New Year countdown in Beijing. Not a bad start for 2013. I am looking forward to more exciting trips around the world this year!

Dennis Goodboy



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