Pop diva can't find a voice

Pop diva can't find a voice

Jolin Tsai has beauty queen looks and chic dance moves; but atypically for a Mando-pop artist, she has a karaoke-like voice that needs autotune to stay in key.

With Muse, she tries to avoid bubblegum pop by exploring themes other than puppy love.

Fantasy (迷幻), for example, depicts love without limits. The mid-tempo club anthem is powered by an electronic beat that flows nicely. As Tsai hits the chorus, her soprano range shines briefly before diving back into a background of electronica.

The Great Artist (大藝術家) sounds like a K-pop tribute, opening with a rap which Tsai slurs to sound Korean. As the high-energy beat takes over, Tsai's vocals sink without trace, proving once again that she is humbled without her killer dance routines and flashy clothes.

The album hits rock bottom as ballads dominate the second half, with Tsai's feeble vocals unable to convey the necessary emotion.

Tsai has almost the whole pop star package - she just does not have a make-it-work voice.

YP Rating: 1/5

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