Lawyer's spirited defence

Lawyer's spirited defence


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Having lost yet another case, third-rate lawyer Emi (Eri Fukatsu) is approaching the end of her career. She is given one last chance by her boss Hayami (Hiroshi Abe) to deal with an unusual murder case. Her client claims to have been suffering from kanashibari (sleep paralysis) when his wealthy wife was killed.

But the only defence witness is the ghost of a samurai who was unjustly killed 421 years ago.

Quirky director Koki Mitani's A Ghost of a Chance is a cleverly crafted film that weaves elements of court thriller and ghost story into a comedy. His excellent supporting cast makes for some of the film's highlights.

For instance, Hayami is not just Emi's boss but also an amateur dancer with an absurd sugar addiction who is ready to show off his tap-dancing skills in court at the drop of a hat. Characters in Ghost are random, but they work.

But 142 minutes seems too long for such a comedy. The film also tries a little too hard to be didactic. When you're at your all-time low and try to bring in a ghost to testify for your client, you will need to have a great deal of faith in yourself. We get it.

YP Rating: 3/5

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