Golden introduction to genius

Golden introduction to genius

Tori Amos has long been hailed as something of a poet since releasing her first solo album in 1992.

Amos paired up with the Netherlands' Metropole Orchestra to rerecord 14 tracks from some of her 12 albums, resulting in Gold Dust. The orchestra is put to best use on Star of Wonder and Winter. In the first, the rich brass section soars around Amos' glorious interpretation of the carol We Three Kings, while in the latter, soaring strings whirl around the little-girl lyrics, like a snow storm.

Amos' songs may tend to the melancholic, but there is often hope in the lyrics, words of survival and strength. She is one of few modern artists who can get away with strange rhyme schemes and scansion. There is such powerful storytelling in songs such as the title track; how could you not forgive "Twilight held us in her palm", even though it doesn't rhyme with anything?

If you're yet to discover the voice that inspired a generation of female artists, this is a perfect place to get started.

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