Crackling entertainment

Crackling entertainment

Debut director Sylvain Estibal takes a light-hearted look at a serious subject in When Pigs Have Wings, by satirising Arab-Israeli relations.

Jafaar (Sasson Gabai), a Palestinian fisherman who catches nothing but small fry, is determined to end his streak of bad luck; and then lands a huge Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.

He goes on an epic journey to profit from the unholy animal, unloved by Jews and Muslims alike. He tries unsuccessfully to sell it to a UN official, and is then advised by the local barber to kill it with a borrowed AK-47.

Finally, he learns that pigs are sought after at the nearby Jewish settlement, even though the consumption of pork is prohibited in Judaism, just as in Islam. And so Jafaar conceives his master plan, to smuggle the pig over the border to the Israeli side.

As a former reporter from the region, Estibal manages to show with a smile the absurdities of the Middle East situation.

Although at times the political subtext seems to dominate the story, it still leaves a message of peace and reconciliation we can all take home.

YP Rating: 3/5

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