Busou Shinki (Anime)

Busou Shinki (Anime)

Imagine an alternate universe where the smartphone isn't the essential electronic companion, but 15cm-tall female robots called Shinki are. In this world, nearly everyone has a Shinki doll that is completely loyal to its "master", and only takes orders from that one person. This is the case in new anime Busou Shinki, a show in which tiny robots make everyday life easier, doing everything from household chores to taking part in championship fight tournaments.

The Shinki have an incredible level of artificial intelligence that gives them their own, distinct personalities, and the ability to act and talk like humans. Perhaps most interestingly, they also have emotions.

Rihito, a first-year high school pupil, returns to Japan after living abroad for many years with his three Shinki companions: Ann, Aines, and Lene. While unpacking, he finds a mysterious box containing a new model Shinki, apparently a secret homecoming gift from his father.

Rihito starts up the new Shinki for the first time and names her Hina, introducing her to his other three Shinki. The show focuses on the adventures the foursome get caught up in while Rihito is at school.

Busou Shinki is based on an action figure line made by Konami Digital Entertainment. This light-hearted anime will almost certainly make you wish you had a Shinki instead of an iPhone.


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