Let the good times rock 'n' roll

Let the good times rock 'n' roll

With three new albums being released in the span of four months, we'll be hearing plenty of Green Day. Dos! is the second in the trio, and while the first album Uno! focused on power pop, here the band switches to garage rock.

Dos! starts off with the sombre See You Tonight before it reveals its true face. For the next 39 minutes, your ears will be assaulted by a manic collection of songs about getting the girl and having a good time.

First single Stray Heart falls short, as Billie Joe Armstrong's vocals just never seems to mesh with the music, unlike Lazy Bones, which starts slowly before coming together to a classic head-bobbing hit that we've come to know (and expect) from the Californian punk trio.

True Green Day fans might not appreciate Nightlife as the band is relegated to singing the chorus while an artist called Lady Cobra takes the main vocals.

The touching tribute track Amy brings the album to a close as Armstrong pleads to the late Amy Winehouse not to go.

It's fine - but here's hoping Tre! ends the trilogy on a higher note.

Contains strong language

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