Script: Listening Exercise 161

Script: Listening Exercise 161


Have you been very busy today? Friends Paul, Mandy, Jamie and Peggy have been rushed off their feet at work. Listen as they tell us about their very busy day.

Voice 1: Hi, I’m Paul. I've just never stopped all day at work today. It was manic from the moment we opened the doors at nine. I don't think I've known a day like it since I started. And I don't know why we were so busy because the sale doesn't start for another three weeks. Everyone knows we have our annual big sale, so why it's been so crazy these past two days, I do not know. I've been rushed off my feet.

I only managed to grab a sandwich at lunchtime. Two of the other assistants are off work sick and the deputy manager is on a training course at head office. One of the other guys is still new - he only started last week and still hasn't got the hang of things. I hope we don't have another day like it tomorrow. I'm exhausted.

Voice 2: Hi, it’s Mandy. I've been rushed off my feet in the office today. We've been holding the first round of interviews for the export manager's job, and I've had to look after the candidates. There were seven of them, and they were a strange bunch. One of them hardly spoke a word. I don't know what she was like in the interview. Two of the men hadn't made any effort at all to look smart. Who turns up in jeans for an interview? I can just imagine what the boss thought when they walked into the interview room. One of the women was very confident and kept telling me all the time how good she was and how much experience she'd had. The boss will eliminate four of them, and then we'll have the final interviews at the end of next week.

Voice 3: It's Jamie here. Sorry I'm only just calling you now. It's been so busy at work today. Wdnesday is usually quite quiet but today it's been rush, rush, rush.

We had two school groups booking in this morning and one this afternoon. I also had to take over Paul's senior citizens class this afternoon because the boss wanted to discuss the arrangements for next month's gala with him. I had a bit of a headache when I started this morning and the two schools were so rowdy. My head was really thumping by lunchtime.

I did manage to grab half an hour to myself when they'd gone, but we were really busy from twelve to two as well. You can never tell what lunch hours are going to be like. Sometimes it's quite empty. It's always busier between twelve and two when the weather's hot like this. I usually get a chance to swim a few lengths and work on my butterfly when it's not busy, but not today. But at least my headache went this afternoon.

Voice 4: It's Peggy. I've got to tell you about my crazy day. When I got to work this morning and looked at the appointments diary, I thought I was going to have an easy day. I had one man booked in for a cut at ten and a lady mid-afternoon. I thought that would be my last job. I wanted to get away at about half past five to meet my sister for a coffee and a chat. But four customers walked in without appointments in the morning and the manager gave them to me. One elderly lady was really awkward and kept changing her mind as to what style she wanted. She was a real pain in the neck. I did manage to get half an hour for lunch but Linda called at about one and said she was feeling unwell and couldn't come in this afternoon, so the we had to share her appointments between us. The manager could have helped by doing one of the appointments herself, but she is too lazy to think of doing anything like that. I've had an exhausting day. Absolutely exhausting!


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