JRAs: Best Face Off Article

JRAs: Best Face Off Article

Face Off writers have to get their points across in a concise and interesting way, whilst also refuting any points their opponents might make. Not easy in such a short space. Take a look at the articles of the nominees below and then vote for the one you like best.

1. Should students who are under-achieving repeat the year? (Affirmative) by Vanessa Cheung

2. Should China's one-child policy continue to be enforced? (Negative) by Tara Lee Bo-yi

3. Should gap years be compulsory? (Affirmative) by Charmain Li

4. Should the government limit the size of sugary drinks? (Negative) by Matthew Murchie

5. Should Hong Kong implement a cross-border driving plan? (Negative) by Yuen Hui-ling

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