Eat your heart out

Eat your heart out

One person's delicacy could be another person's nightmare. For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers what is the most disturbing food they've ever eaten

1. Fishy drink

I once had a Japanese drink with tiny live fishes in it. When I gulped it down, I didn't even taste the fishes, but the thought of drinking fishes alive disturbed me.

Angel Wu

2. Jerky beef

Does jerky beef count? No, I didn't say beef jerky.

Cassandra Lee

3. Durian

I don't understand why people like this smelly fruit. It looks strange and dangerous from the outside. I can see it as a weapon to throw at people, but definitely not food. Then there's its awful stench. I have to hold my breath every time!

Doris Lam

4. Century egg

It is mystically black from the inside out. First of all, the texture of the egg is plain weird. The egg white - in this case, egg black - is like jelly, but is hard. It is also transparent. Some appear dark brown, which makes it even more stomach-churning. Then, the yolk is soft and gooey, and tastes nothing like normal egg yolk. This delicacy is hardly yummy.

Juliana Law

5. Brussels sprouts

They look like mini-lettuces, but unfortunately they don't taste like lettuce at all.

Ilya Hora

6. Ostrich

I had it the first time when I was having hot pot with a bunch of friends. We were playing a game, and we ordered it as a punishment for losers. I lost so I had to eat it. But it is quite juicy and chewy. I've been ordering it every time ever since.

Ken Wong

7. Snail

My parents spent an hour trying to convince me that they are bred specifically for dining purposes ...

Josh Hills

8. Raw oyster

I get shivers every time I see people gulp oysters down. I tried it once with lots of lemon droplets and tomato sauce, but I still couldn't get rid of the fishy smell. I'll pass, thanks.

Vanessa Yu

9. Goose tongue

I tried it in a store on a backstreet in Wan Chai. It looks like the wooden stick that props up your popsicle. The taste is quite good as it was richly marinated in soy sauce before being cooked and served. Just don't picture a goose when you eat it.

Lau Chun-kit

10. Fish

One time, I went out with my friend Caleb, who is a cat. He ordered a fish and chips, which I'd never tried before. He said the fish was delicious so I tried a piece. Then, I realised eating fish is more of a cat's thing than dog's.

Dennis Goodboy

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