Half the party rock, all the fun

Half the party rock, all the fun


Redfoo Concert_L
Photo: Universal Music
The view was a sight to behold as I walked into AsiaWorld Arena on Tuesday night: a sea of people in neon clothing or animal prints, with many sporting glassless frames and afros. But what did I expect? I was there for LMFAO.

Redfoo and his Party Rock Crew finally kicked off with ear-blasting drum crashes. This surprised me, as I didn't expect the electronic-reliant Redfoo to perform with a live band. But that was the last surprise.

The half-filled arena went wild as Redfoo launched into the first song, Sorry for Party Rocking. In a cut-up muscle shirt and wild, zebra-print trousers, his vocals weren't very impressive (as expected), but the uptempo music and energetic dancers carried the song. As if the place wasn't wild enough, inflatable zebras were tossed into the crowd.

As the show progressed, Redfoo's vocals became more solid. He even asked permission to go back to the "classics" - the group's first-ever single, Miami. To accompany a song about the sun-filled city, beach balls and blow-up palm trees were soon crowd-surfing, turning the whole thing into a beach party.

Throughout the night, the rapper would yell out his trademark "Yeeeeeaaaah baby", just to make sure everyone was having a good time.

The highlight came when he finally sang the track everyone had been waiting to shuffle to, Party Rock Anthem - but it ended almost as soon as it began. His one-song encore was, predictably, latest hit Sexy and I Know It.

The venue felt like it would explode from all the energy. While Redfoo did a great job of entertaining the crowd, it was clear something was missing - i.e. his bandmate, SkyBlu.

Kudos has to go to the seven-member Party Rock crew, for their non-stop energy for all of the hour-plus show, and pulling off sick moves, including a headspin which seemed to last for hours.

All in all, it was an entertaining evening. If only I could get that "Yeeeaaeeaaaaaaah baby" out of my head ...



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