Young love drawn for all to see

Young love drawn for all to see

Taiwanese actor Ko Chen-tung made his debut last year in the coming-of-age comedy You Are the Apples of My Eyes. In rom-com When a Wolf Falls in Love with a Sheep, Ko has evolved into a more mature - yet still dumb - kidult, searching for the meaning of love.

Tung moves to Nanyang Street, a road lined with tutorial centres, to find his girlfriend, who left him. He gets a job at a photocopying shop, and that's where he meets Yang (Chien Man-shu), a school assistant who comes in to copy her students' exam papers. It's also where Tung learns Yang has an odd penchant for drawing sheep on the exam papers.

One day, Tung doodles a wolf to accompany Yang's sheep. But the paper is accidentally copied and distributed to all students at Yang's school. It kick-starts the friendship between the pair, who become inseparable fellow soul-searchers.

Directed by Hon Chi-jan, this movie is full of surprises. The plot is loose but romantic, and the eccentric details and awkwardly funny jokes are added gems. The cinematography deserves praise: the film is a tightly-woven mix of stop-motion, slo-mo and "fast-mo". Some camera angles are unconventional, but they work.

The popularity of Apple may have been luck. But Wolf is bound to succeed because it is so real.

YP Rating: 4/5

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