It's a plot worth fighting for

It's a plot worth fighting for

Manuscripts and books are more than just words. Putting stories down in black and white can reveal part of your soul. It's a crime to steal the product of someone else's blood and sweat by publishing it under your name. But Rory Jansen, a struggling writer, does just that in The Words.

But Jansen (Bradley Cooper) can't expect to bathe in his stolen fame forever. An old man (Jeremy Irons) shows up to claim a story that is rightfully his. Could this spell the end of Jansen's life - or simply material for a new book?

The film unfolds like Inception, with story within story within story. A writer publishes a novel about a writer stealing from another writer. Sadly, the film's subplots can be distracting.

As someone who makes a living with words, I feel for the writers. Plagiarising someone else's voice is simply wrong, and the film strongly reinforces this.

Cooper delivers a solid performance outside his comfort zone. Irons is convincing, and you're never quite sure what the old man's intentions are.

In all, The Words is a gripping and satisfying film that questions integrity above all else.

YP Rating: 4/5

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