Rumble box: Specs vs contacts

Rumble box: Specs vs contacts

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I have worn a pair of spectacles since the age of seven. When I was told I was short-sighted and would have to wear a "second pair of eyes", I cried.

Yet over the years, I've found wearing strong plastic frames and lenses to be an advantage, especially when I'm playing sports.

Many people taking part in contact sports, like basketball, wear contact lenses, but that's actually pretty dangerous. Sometimes a player gets knocked down or pushed so hard their contacts fall out. Then the game stops and everyone looks for the lenses, which are never found.

Plastic spectacles will not fall off as easily as contact lenses when players are pushed and shoved, especially if a strap secures them.

Another advantage of wearing plastic spectacles in contact sports is that it protects the eyes. Our eyes are the most delicate part of the body. A light scratch from the finger can result in serious, even permanent damage, so it is best to protect it with something.

Retired American NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wore his signature eyewear for 20 years, after suffering an eye injury. He played in the NBA for a long time because he protected himself.

In addition, if you fall asleep somewhere with your glasses on, it won't be a problem. On the other hand, if you doze off with your contact lenses in, there could be trouble. A careless rub of the eye could mean a visit to the doctor, and a sore eye - plus possible vision problems - for a few days.

It's also a bad idea for girls to wear coloured contact lenses. They may think the eyewear will enhance their looks. But medical research has shown that the lenses can cause problems, such as infections and even blindness.

So be smart and protect yourself. Wear specs.

Wong Yat-hei


My grandmother, Nana, used to say: "Boys won't make passes at girls who wear glasses." A pass is when you flirt with someone. And she was right. I had to start wearing glasses when I went to secondary school and I hated every moment of it.

At first, I thought I might look extra clever, but I found the specs just got in the way. I couldn't even wear sunglasses (although I did have those super-duper lenses that changed colour according to sunlight, but it's not the same). So I was basically stuck with the same frame for at least two years until they were "accidentally" broken.

Oh, you want to talk about sports? Sailing with glasses means an instant, sticky fog of sea spray on the lenses, and don't get me started about the awkwardness of being sea sick and worrying about your glasses falling into the ocean.

Hockey with glasses means always worrying about getting a shard of glass in your eye. Horse riding with glasses means hot, foggy lenses and a dreaded fear of face planting.

Constantly pushing your glasses up as they slip down your nose means they cause skin irritations. So the very moment I found an alternative to glasses I got them. It was a long wait, too, because I have astigmatism, or blurred vision, so I had to wait for them to be invented. What freedom - to go anywhere, do anything! I could wear really cool sunglasses - an important accessory for women.

The coloured lenses are an absolute bonus! Who hasn't wanted to have shocking blue eyes? Well, honestly I went for ice grey, but I loved them. They get really funky lenses around Halloween, too. And of course you get what you pay for, so if you make sure your supplier is reputable, you won't have any problems. So get out of those goggles and go wild, I say.

Susan Ramsy

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