Read her mind!

Read her mind!

Girls are complex creatures but if you try to understand them it could all be worth it

There is a Chinese saying that "understanding the heart and mind of a girl is like finding a needle in the sea". While this may be true to some extent, girls are not that difficult to understand. All you need to do is to get into the psychology behind a woman's thinking, and add just a little bit of sensitivity. And you'll be surprised to find that girls are actually very consistent in their thoughts and ways. Here are some principles governing most girls, if not all.

The first principle is that females are extremely sociable creatures who value trust and loyalty in relationships. They have deep bonds with girlfriends and they work to develop their relationships with their boyfriends and partners.

Another important fact: girls are born to "feel" and identify with others' feelings. If a girl presents you with a question, she usually has an answer. So don't try to be clever and offer a quick answer. Instead, take time to listen, read between the lines and understand. Don't stop asking "what is wrong?" when she says "nothing". Follow up on your question - if you really care.

Lastly, girls love discussing plans. They love to get involved and make decisions together. For them, it is a sign of respect and a natural way of interacting with another human.

Still think it's too much trouble? Here's another Chinese saying from my own mother: "Love a woman in the right way and she will love you back - 10 times more than you expected." So it'll all be worth it.

Here are some insights from the Young Post team of what actually goes on in a girl's head when she says "x".

If a girl says she doesn't care about something or someone, she really means she cares a lot about that something or someone. She's just saying that to seek attention. If you're silly enough to ask her why she doesn't care, you're giving her the chance to go on and on about how she hates that person or thing.
Wong Yat-hei

When a girl says "You're really busy", she means: "When will you ever have time for me?" And she doesn't mean it as a compliment: her tolerance for you has reached the limit and she's angry.
Kevin Kung

If you ask a girl "What's wrong?" after you keep her waiting in the restaurant for 30 minutes, and she answers "nothing", you're in serious trouble. Most girls don't like arguing, especially in public. "Nothing" means "something", and it usually means "something so bad that I can't think of a way to get into it, so it's easier if you ask me questions until I'm smiling".
Susan Ramsay

When you ask a girl where she wants to eat and she says "anywhere", she means: "Keep making suggestions until you name a place I actually like."
Leon Lee

When a girl says "It's OK. Really", in response to your offer to carry something not very heavy - especially her super-feminine handbag - she really means: "I'm perfectly capable of carrying this, and I know you're trying to prove a) how much stronger you are than I am, and b) what a gentleman you are, and I appreciate it, but honestly, I've got this one. If I buy something heavy later, I'll let you carry it."
Karly Cox

When a girl says she has never received a bouquet of flowers before, she really means: "Will you be so romantic as to be that first person? And can it have garden roses, hyacinths, ranunculi, alliums ...?", and the list goes on.
Joyee Chan

I hate it when a girl says: "We need to talk." My ex-girlfriends said that to me and we haven't talked since.
Chris Lau



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