Script: Listening Exercise 160

Script: Listening Exercise 160


If someone has been stringing you along, they’re not telling you the whole truth about something so that you will act in a certain way. Listen to the three people on the phone to a friend talking about getting strung along by someone.

Voice 1: Hi, Paul! It's James. Can I talk to you for a minute? I'm a bit worried. It's Mandy. We've been going out for three months now and I'm quite serious about her. We get along really well, and she knows how I feel. She says she's serious about me too, but I think she's stringing me along. We usually go to the cinema on a Friday night, but for the last three Fridays she's come up with an excuse not to go. She had to take her cat to the vet. She had to visit her grandma in hospital. She had to babysit a neighbour's kid. In fact, I've only seen her twice in the last two weeks. Sometimes she doesn't answer her phone. But she says everything is okay when I ask her if there's anything wrong. I really suspect she's stringing me along, and I don't know what to do. Voice 2: Hi, George! It's Cindy. Have you got time to listen to your little sister for a moment? Good. I'm not happy. I think my boss is stringing me along at work. He's been asking me to do a lot of overtime recently and I've done it each time he's asked. He kept hinting that it would look good on my CV if a promotion opportunity came up. None of the other girls in the office has done as much overtime as I have. So now the boss only asks me. But this has been going on for too long. I am beginning to think that he’s stringing me along. He even asked me to work on Saturday last week. I've no spare time anymore. The few evenings I do get home early, I just go to bed. I'm so tired. I think the other girls in the office think I'm a fool - no one has said anything, but I know what they're thinking. What do you think I should do? Voice 3: Hello, Vicky. It's Jim. Remember when we were chatting last week over coffee, and I was telling you about my landlord? Well, I really think he's stringing me along with what he's saying about this apartment. When I signed the lease for a year three months ago, he said that he would decorate the whole flat and have some new kitchen units installed. Well, nothing has happened so far. The kitchen really is awful and I wouldn't have moved in if I'd known it wasn't going to be renovated. I keep asking the landlord when the work is going to start and he says soon ... but nothing happens. He says there is a delay with the kitchen units he has ordered and that the decorators keep letting him down. I think he’s just stringing me along and doesn't intend to do anything about either the decoration or the kitchen. What do you think I should do? Do you think writing an official letter of complaint would make him move faster?


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