Script: Listening Exercise 159

Script: Listening Exercise 159


Voice 1: Do you have a favourite football team? Football is the world's favourite sport. It has millions of supporters in all four corners of the globe who go to matches regularly or watch games on television. Most secondary schools have a football team, and matches between rival school either on a friendly basis or playing for a trophy in a school football league can be exciting events.

Voice 2: Football is a sport that encourages great loyalty amongst its fans, many of whom have a favourite professional team whose ups and downs a true fan will follow religiously. European football teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea and Real Madrid have supporters all over the world. Manchester United has more fans outside the Britian than in its home country.

Voice 1: Foreign fans of European football teams go to great lengths to support their club. They form supporters groups who meet to watch their team's matches on TV. They wear the team's strip and collect any souvenirs from matches that they can get their hands on. A trip to see their team play a match at their home ground is an ambition every foreign football fan hopes will happen one day. That is the icing on the cake when you support a football club.

Voice 2: The greatest and most loyal football fan in the world has to be Birmingham City supporter Rob Shannon. Rob has only missed one Blues game during the last thirty-eight years. And for he only missed that game because he was too ill to leave his bed to travel to the match.

Voice1: Since 1974, Rob has attended more than one thousand eight hundred Birmingham City matches in a row, both at home and away. He has been all over Europe to support his club. His favourite trip abroad was last year when City qualified for the Europa League cup.

Voice 2: Rob became a life-long fan of Birmingham City when his parents took him to his first match at the age of four. Since then he has seen his team play two and more than a half thousand times. His record of attending eighteen hundred matches in a row would have been much longer if he hadn't been too ill to go to that match against Scottish team Queens Park Rangers back in 1974.

Voice 1: Rob doesn't let minor things like flu and stomach upsets stop him going to Birmingham matches wherever they are. He once discharged himself from hospital against the advice of doctors to make sure he got to a match on time.

Voice 2: The highlight of Rob's devotion to Birmingham City was the day last year when the club won the Football League Cup final in a tense match against Arsenal. This was one of the greatest days in Rob's life. Perhaps the team won the trophy as a reward for Rob's devoted support for more than fifty years.

Voice 1: The gods of football were shining on both him and his team that day. Football fans don't come any more loyal than Rob Shannon of Birmingham. Long may hecontinue to support the football team he loves so much!


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