Have a good time

Have a good time

Leon Lee has a chat with one half of the dance duo that got the world shufflin' and yelling 'I work out!'

On Tuesday night, one half of the popular electro-hip hop duo LMFAO will be coming to Hong Kong with his Party Rock Crew for a show like no other. But what exactly is party rock?

"[It] is an attitude, a state of mind. Like when you walk into a party, it's your job to make that party crazy," explains Redfoo on the phone from Japan. "You've got to really not care, and just have fun and celebrate life. That's what party rocking is." In spite of his carefree attitude, penchant for leopard print, and wild fro, however, he's deadly serious.

Redfoo, whose real name is Stefan Gordy, started the group with his nephew Skyler Gordy, aka Skyblu, in 2006. Before that, he'd made music for fun, but soon realised it was something he could do for the rest of his life while making some money and seeing the world.

The duo quickly built up a following in the Los Angeles underground electro club scene, and was eventually signed to Interscope Records with the help of Redfoo's friend will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas. In 2009, they released their debut album Party Rock and introduced their signature sound to the world.

Their brand of infectious hip-hop vocals set to high energy electronic beats quickly caught on, and the album was nominated for the Grammy for Best Electronic/Dance Album.

But it was their 2011 follow-up album that cemented LMFAO's status as international superstars. Sorry for Party Rocking featured their most popular single to date, Party Rock Anthem, which topped the charts in multiple countries and helped popularised the shuffle dance.

A large majority of LMFAO's songs are about going out, partying and just having a good time - and Redfoo sees no problem with that. He says the purpose of their music is to make people feel good. And while they are aware that their message to fans, particularly those under the drinking age, might seem careless and overly carefree, he compares it to when a race car driver sprays champagne after a victory. They're just singing about things that are going on in real life as they celebrate life and the positive things about it.

No matter whether he's shuffling, wiggling or creating music, the laid-back musician is passionate about it. He even created his nickname by combining the colour of passion and the word "fool", something people called him and he liked. However, not everyone sees that passion as the group's easy-going personas and fun-loving music can be mistaken for goofing around.

"Sometimes people ask us when we're going to make some serious music, when we're going to talk about heartbreak, when we're going to talk about the problems in the world. That's serious. But I don't understand why that is, because that's just negative. Is negative serious? Is that what serious is?" Redfoo asks.

"Not to me. I'm talking about having a good time - is that not serious? I'm serious about it ... And we're very serious about being creative," says Redfoo.

The group is currently on hiatus but that doesn't mean Redfoo is just sitting around. Besides touring, he's playing tennis (so he does really work out!) and working on a solo album due out in the middle of next year. And just because he's here by himself, it doesn't mean it'll be any less of a party.

"[Hong Kong] can expect some crazy energy ... We're going to be shuffling, wiggling. We got the shuffle bot of course. Be prepared to sweat, stretch, do your calisthenics 'cause you're going to be jumping."

Hong Kong, will you be ready to party rock?



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