Album offers Canto-pop plus

Album offers Canto-pop plus

Like most local singers, Eric Suen Yiu-wai pulls double time as an actor. But having concentrated on acting for the past year, he's back with his latest album, A Second Thought.

He may be a Canto-pop star, but Suen has no problems stepping outside the lines. Opener Dry Therapy (療 Dry) is a whimsical single in which his lyrics on the dullness of everyday life are contradicted by a toe-tapping mix of guitars, beats and clapping.

He twists things up on the romantic track I Do. Judging from the title, you would expect a cheesy ballad, but Suen turns it into a sweet electronic jam about all the things he would do for you in the name of love.

He even gives punk rock a try in the Green Day-esque Wave Breaking (浪踏破), a collaboration with local rock band Hardpack.

Of course there are several ballads - it is a Canto-pop album after all - the highlights being the eerie-sounding Bottom (谷底) and emotional Let Go (放開手).

Suen has done the improbable: created a fun Canto-pop album, no second thoughts about it.

YP Rating: 4/5

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