Rumble box: Day or night?

Rumble box: Day or night?

Each week the members of Team YP will debate life's important issues in casual dialogues. This week...


Ever since I was little, my parents would always tell me I should sleep early and wake up early because it's healthier. But I never listened. Do you know why, Mabel? It's because night-time is the best time.

Night-time might be when all the weirdos and criminals come out, but this is Hong Kong, so there's no need to fret about that. While the cover of darkness seems to offer them some protection, it offers me a feeling of tranquility. Have you walked around the streets of Hong Kong late at night? The empty streets are so peaceful and beautiful, with only the occasional hard-working cleaner walking past. It's like being in an alien world. You would never believe this normally bustling city can ever feel that empty.

Another great thing about the night is the food. It may have been more freely available in the past, but these days, some of Hong Kong's best food comes from street vendors who sell midnight snacks. It would be wrong to eat them during the day. To truly enjoy a hot meal like that, you need to eat it on the street late in the evening, as it somehow adds to the flavour of the dish. Nothing puts you to sleep better than a full stomach after a midnight snack.

And although Hong Kong's bright lights make it hard to see them, there are stars in our night sky. Only at night can you experience the magic and romance of seeing those tiny flickers of light and that big, round moon.

So you can have your health, Mabel. I'll always be a night person.

Leon Lee


Here's the thing: we start the day with the "day". Daytime suggests life, hope, joy, creativity, productivity, energy ... the list goes on. These are all positive messages and exactly the kind of ideas we want to spread round the world.

For me, nothing is more satisfying than waking up in the morning light, making myself a cup of fragrant coffee and a slice of toast with fresh eggs and then walking - in the daylight - to catch my minibus to work. But if I turn this whole ritual from morning to night, I'd be depressed instantly and feel as if I didn't have a life at all. Why? It's the law of the universe that we are tuned in to the morning. We're made this way. It's natural. Got it?

I know some people like you, Leon, who prefer night activities, hanging out and about, sometimes aimlessly. The night seems to suggest a sense of freedom or mystery. But that is just an illusion in movies. The reality is that at night, our biological clocks tell us it's time to rest our minds and bodies. Scientific research has also told us time and again that having enough sleep is important to good health, which includes mental health. Why do we want to risk that by being an owl?

And if this is still not enough to convince you, just listen to the great song written by Stevie Wonder: "You are the sunshine of my life." I hardly think you could write a love song with the lyrics: "You are the night-time of my life", could you?

Mabel Sieh

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