Leaders should act quickly

Leaders should act quickly

Everyone has heard of the "Taiwan independence" movement, which has hindered the China-Taiwan relationship. In the past few months, ever since the problem of parallel traders in Sheung Shui arose, "Hong Kong independence" has also been talked about.

Lew Mon-hung, a local delegate to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, openly disapproved of those who supported the idea that Hong Kong might be seen as independent from mainland China.

Hongkongers completely rejecting their Chinese identity may be a bit radical; but leaders should not complain about citizens standing up for their "rights" under the present circumstances.

Ever since the chief executive election, people seem more sensitive towards every move made by the government, and demonstrations are becoming more common.

The promised "one country, two systems" policy is fading as we see increasing interference in the city's affairs by the mainland.

Some methods used by the protesters may be radical, but they wouldn't have been so angry if the government listened to the people's voices and responded in the first place. The idea of "Hong Kong independence" may be a bit too much, but leaders should think about their own mistakes and act fast before things become worse.



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