A shivering good time

A shivering good time

At Halloween, people often flock to the cinema to see the latest horror movies in town. For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers what's the creepiest movie they have seen

1. Silent Hill

The scariest movie I have seen is Silent Hill. There's also a lot of blood that churns your stomach. The film is full of hatred and crazy beliefs. It shows the darkest side of human nature. People just go crazy and do terrible things to each other.

Jenny Chan

2. Final Destination 5

It's one of the funniest scary movies I've seen. It's extremely gory, but the unrealistic ways people die is laughable. "Death doesn't like to be cheated" is a memorable line from the movie. It's repeated often.

Mimi Lam

3. 28 Days/Weeks Later

This zombie movie series is filled with nonstop thrills and relentless tension. Zombies swamp the city, chasing survivors everywhere. Before you watch it, make sure you are mentally prepared. Otherwise, it could really freak you out.

Jack Sze

4. The Raven

The movie is based on Edgar Allan Poe's poems and stories. It features the horror author's Gothic style.

Doris Lam

5. Paranormal Activity 2

Nothing beats Paranormal Activity 2. The movie is shown through the eyes of a father who attempts to film the presence of ghosts in his house. The movie's jittery documentary-style camera techniques add plenty of realism to the story.

Charlotte Donker

6. The Ring

My advice is to never ever watch the video tape in The Ring or you will die in seven days. The Ring is the scariest movie of all. It is so scary that its level of creepiness surpasses death.

Rajinder Deol

7. The Others

This has got to be the scariest movie ever made. It's a blend of ominous music, creepy characters and suffocating suspense. What's the scariest part? It is the awful realisation about the main characters at the end of the movie. It's guaranteed to give you endless sleepless nights.

Eric Kwan

8. Shutter

The movie is about a man who finds strange objects in some of the photos he owns. He figures he may be able to locate the ghost that has been haunting him for a while by taking pictures. I didn't dare look at any of my old photos for two weeks after watching this movie.

Lau Chun-kit

9. YP Scary Movie

This one features scary scenes which make the hair on my back stand on end. But it also mocks those horror movies in a funny way. YP Team rocks!

Dennis Goodboy

10. Sinister

It is going to keep you on the edge of your seat and shaking like a leaf. It certainly did that to me.

Jocelyn Wong

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