Still stringing us along

Still stringing us along

Formed in 2007, dandy dressers Mumford & Sons shot to fame with their debut, Sigh No More.

The British quartet are obsessed with string instruments - guitars, banjos, dobros, bass, you name it - and they incessantly blow critics away by repackaging folk music as something that appeals to both indie gig-goers and mainstream listeners.

Like the first release, second album Babel mainly features upbeat yet emotive tracks, fuelled by the band's exclusive call-for-a-river-dance strumming patterns.

Third track I Will Wait is an intricate symphony, with Marcus Mumford's raw, yet hopeful vocals making the track a sure request at the band's future concerts.

The too-short Remainder is soulful and heartfelt. "You never see my bleeding heart," sings Marcus - maybe not, but we've heard it.

Some have criticised Babel for sticking to a formula, but with 600,000 copies sold in its first week, this album proves the world needs Sigh No More 2.0 - we haven't had enough crazy strumming yet.

YP Rating: 4/5

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