Rumble box: Square the circle, yes?

Rumble box: Square the circle, yes?

Each week the members of Team YP will debate life's important issues in casual dialogues. This week ...

Circles are smooth

Ever heard of the expression "You're such a square"? It's used to describe someone uncool and boring, which is exactly what that shape is. You'll never hear someone describe a circle like that.

Think of all the great things that come in circular shapes. CDs and vinyls: a square record wouldn't play.

A pizza: although a regular slice is a triangle, it needs to be made into a circle first.

Iconic movie quotes: From the Lion King, the "circle of life". Now try "square of life". Nah!

You couldn't express how we are all connected to one another, to one Earth, if you used a square. There are four angles in a square which indicates a break, unlike a circle where there is one continuous line.

Mathematical formulae: Pi is one of the most well-known mathematical formulae in the world and what is it used to calculate? The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

Indicating importance: Whenever you want to make a point about something being important, you circle it multiple times with a bright red marker. You don't square it. Yes?

And last but not least: probably the greatest invention in the world comes in a circle - the wheel.

Imagine how slow your commute would be if the bus had square wheels. You would be clunking up and down with each turn of the square wheel. The circular wheel guarantees a smooth ride all the way to your destination.

Besides, a circle is more versatile, has more uses, and is even easier to draw than a square. You don't need to be an artist to draw a circle. There are no straight lines involved. You don't even need to lift up your hand to finish drawing a circle.

Sorry Chris, but you my friend are a square for choosing the quadrilateral.

Leon Lee

I'm pro-square

As Huey Lewis and The News' song goes, "It's hip to be square". I guess they are right. Square is the new black.

If you don't agree with me, let prices speak the truth. Have you ever bought a watermelon from a supermarket?

According to a message by Twinkletwinkle, posted on the geoexpat website, a watermelon "30cm in length" costs only HK$20. Another user, big_panda, also bought a watermelon the size of a volleyball in a wet market for only HK$25.

These watermelons are cheap not because they don't taste good, but because they come in a circle - if you look at it in a two-dimensional way.

The Japanese people knew that long before everyone else did. So to enhance the watermelon-eating experience, they invented square watermelons. A normal square watermelon costs roughly 10,000 yen (HK$980) - 39 times more than the common variety. To be honest, who would want a circle, if you can get a square?

Don't get me started on the word itself - "square". It just sounds so much cooler than "circle". Think about it. Unlike "circle," the word is just, you know, so square! Plus, the word is all over the place. We've got Times Square, Federation Square, Tiananmen Square. Well, there's the Circle line on the London Underground, yes. So what? Square just sounds quantum (Young Post's way of saying cool)!

Then think of the use of "circle" as a verb. Like back in kindergarten. "Please circle the character 'A'". Lame!

Give it up, Leon! There is no way on earth that circles will ever be better than squares. I haven't even started on Instagram, Sudoku, Buzz Lightyear's face. Come on!

Chris Lau

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