Rumble box: The cinema or a DVD?

Rumble box: The cinema or a DVD?

Each week the members of Team YP will debate life's important issues in casual dialogues. This week...

The big screen is magical

Watching a movie in the cinema rather than watching a DVD at home is a much more enjoyable experience. Why? Just think what you get: a mysterious atmosphere in a dark space, the magical visual effects of the big screen, loud dramatic sounds and munching on a bag of warm popcorn. These are some of the things that make a great movie.

But that's not even the best. The coolest thing is the feeling you get when sitting with a crowd watching the same movie. The audience, like when you go to a concert, gives you a natural "high" that should not be overlooked.

Nowadays, technology makes life so convenient that we can do everything and anything without leaving the four walls of our home. We're used to working, communicating, and even playing sports in front of a computer or TV screen. Convenience may have its upside but it also makes us lazy. There is a saying that life is about "showing up". To show up means you need to get up, go out, meet and talk to people and do interesting things together, like watching a movie at a cinema.

I believe that life is full of surprises and many surprises happen outside the comfort of your home. From leaving your nice and cosy sofa to arriving at the cinema, something interesting is bound to happen. You may bump into an old friend in the most unexpected place, meet a stranger on the MTR and start a conversation, or see the most beautiful blue sky or magnificent sunset in this buzzing city. So what are you waiting for, Barry? Turn off your DVD player, leave your comfy couch and go to a cinema now!

Mabel Sieh

From the comfy sofa

For the price of watching Milla Jovovich stink up the IMAX screen, you could buy the DVD and watch it multiple times with multiple people at multiple venues. In fact, unlike the one-off cinematic experience, you could watch a DVD - rewind, pause, slow-mo, super-slow-mo and fast forward - then sell it to recover some of your losses.

On top of that, what's better than watching movies from the comfort of your own couch, decked out in nothing but ... whatever you like, really. Plus, you're free to do whatever you like while watching your DVD. If you're in the mood for hotpot, feel free to fire up the gas stove. For those who feel the need to provide a running commentary on the film, you're free to do that, too. And if you're the type that likes to hold a discussion on every plot point as it happens, well, no one's going to stop you either.

Also, being a borderline germaphobe, I get to relax and not worry about the hygiene (or the lack of it) of the thousands of people who have used the seat before me. There's also the price at the snack bars. I really can't justify spending the price of a meal on a coke, which happens to contain more liquid than the maximum capacity of a human stomach. And don't even get me started about those pesky 3-D goggles.

But, yeah, Mabel, I get your point. Nothing really beats watching the trailers before a film.

Barry Chung

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