Let's agree to disagree

Let's agree to disagree

Young Post has a new Friday column called Rumble Box. In it, our writers argue over random issues, like circle vs square, TV vs cinema, books vs video games. For this week's Top 10, we asked our readers what is the most random argument they've ever had with someone. There are some surprises in the responses below

1. Fracas over lunch

The most ridiculous argument my friends and I have ever had was over which restaurant we should go to for lunch. Unable to reach an agreement, we skipped lunch and ignored each other for the rest of the day. Silly?

Mercy Wong

2. Should've listened

When my teachers say something important, my friends sometimes don't listen. Then, when they ask me what the teacher said, I tell them. But they just don't believe me.

Jeff Chan

3. Veggie or meat?

When it comes to random arguments, choosing a place for lunch wins easily. To make matters worse, I am a vegetarian, while all my friends are meat-lovers. You can imagine our debates!

Samantha Lau

4. BYO stationery

The most random argument I've ever had with a friend was about ... stationery. I used to borrow her correction tape sometimes, but she thought I should bring my own. She got angry and refused to talk to me again - ever.

Kate Ng

5. Morning frenzy

It goes like this every morning as I argue with myself: should I change into my uniform first, then eat breakfast, or eat breakfast first, then change into my uniform? Tough call.

Jocelyn Chan

6. Vimeo fan

My friend, who studies film, has introduced me to Vimeo. I was a self-proclaimed lover of YouTube. But after watching the Meet the Sloths video on Vimeo, I've been converted.

Lau Chun-kit

7. Fight with a bite

One of the most random things my friends and I have argued about is Taylor Swift versus Twilight. Yes, they are two completely unrelated subjects, I know.

Leanne Lam

8. Me against science

I have studied many scientific theories, but it seems that they do not always reflect the truth, or do they? Is science the only way to explain the world?

Jack Mak

9. Hair-raising ...

I have slightly curly hair. So does my friend Louisa, who is a poodle. She has had her fur straightened recently. I had a three-hour discussion on the pros and cons of each style last night - with myself.

Dennis Goodboy

10. Coloured view

The most random argument I have had with a friend was about what colour a phone should be: pink or purple?

Avani Laroia

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