My Gangnam, HK style

My Gangnam, HK style


South Korean rapper Psy dances after a press conference in Seoul.
South Korean rapper Psy dances after a press conference in Seoul.
Photo: AP
We've all seen Korean singer-songwriter Psy's Gangnam Style video. It owes its success to the catchy tune, the chubby singer's crazy antics and his iconic 'horse-riding' moves. We asked our readers how they'd try to rival Psy's success with their own video

1. Gangnam Style 2.0

Nothing beats the original. So I would just need to make a parody of Psy's video. The first step is to invite my best friends to take part and ask them to mimic those signature moves in the original video. Psy's iconic horse-riding dance must be included. My video would surely be popular among my friends. In fact, I gave it a shot! Check it out on YouTube.

Jack Sze

2. Aiya Style

I would shoot footage all over Hong Kong, and call it Aiya Style in honour of the common exclamation.

Ilya Hora

3. Apple Style

I am going to call mine Apple Style, and it's almost guaranteed to have global appeal. This video would have the potential to generate more hype than Psy's because it would feature Apple products, like the iPhone 5. Apple addicts, are you ready for Apple Style?

Tracy Wong

4. Zombie Style

No, I'm not doing this because of Halloween, but because of the Hong Kong lifestyle. Many Hong Kong people lack motivation. We're just like zombies. With my video, foreigners would get a taste of how Hongkongers live their soulless lives in this city.

Cecilia Yu

5. T-Rex Style

Although dinosaurs are extinct, I am sure they would be popular if we ever brought them back to life. So party like a T-Rex in T-Rex Style.

Mimi Lam

6. Drowsy Style

Instead of the horse-riding dance, the next Gangnam Style move should be sitting on a beach chair, yawning and stretching your arms simultaneously.

Jack Mak

7. Cooking Style

Just imagine all sorts of food dancing next to you. Mmm. I love to cook things up!

Doris Lam

8. Call-out Style

I've written a song called I Don't Want to Fall in Love. Now a callout to all Young Post readers out there: who'd like to be the director of my first music video?

Cassandra Lee

9. Puppy Style

Time for a Gangnam Style video for Hong Kong's puppy community.

Dennis Goodboy

10. Halloween Style

One of the secrets of making viral videos is to be timely. If you start writing your music and script about Halloween now, by the time the festival comes, your music video will surely have become the talk of the town.

Lau Chun-kit

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