Words in the news: Week of Oct. 9

Words in the news: Week of Oct. 9

You have probably heard these news terms being discussed in the papers or on TV. Here is how to use them in English:

1. 弔唁冊 - condolence books
The Home Affairs Bureau set up stations in each of the 18 districts for the public to sign condolence books for victims of last week's National Day ferry tragedy.

2. 表示敬意 - pay tribute
The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing halted transactions and Ocean Park suspended music, rides and other attractions to pay tribute to those who died in the accident.

3. 默哀 - silence
Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying gathered with officials and 400 civil servants to observe three minutes' silence at government headquarters.

4. 紀念儀式 - commemorative ceremony
The service at St John's Cathedral was a public commemorative ceremony organised by Hongkong Electric.

5. 情況危殆 - in critical condition
Of the passengers on the Hongkong Electric ferry, 39 have been confirmed dead and 93 injured. Of the 93 injured, two are listed in critical condition.



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