Script: Listening Exercise 154

Script: Listening Exercise 154

Interview at SunShine School

Voice: Luke has always wanted to be a teacher. He is 18 and in Form Six, and when he goes to university, he wants to study early children education.The other day he saw an advert for a part-time assistant at a local pre-school group called SunShine School. He applied for the job. Today he’s got an interview with Mrs West, who runs the pre-school.

Mrs West: Good morning, Luke. Thank you for coming to the interview. Can you tell me first of all why you applied for the position?

Luke: That's easy. I’ve always wanted to work with children and be a teacher. I first got the idea when I was at primary school myself. My mum and dad always said that I would change my mind as I got older, but I haven't. I would like a part-time job at SunShine School because I think it would be good experience for me and because I love working with young kids so much.

Mrs West: That's very interesting. I must admit that we were not thinking of taking on a student for this job, most students don't have the experience - but your application form certainly made me consider the possibility. On paper, you seem like a very good candidate for the job.

Luke: Thank you very much. I would certainly take the job very seriously and give it my best.

Mrs West: I see that you have already had some experience of working with youngsters.

Luke: Yes. I've been a Scout section leader for the past two years. I have organised games and events and activities for both my group and others. I think the leader of my Scout group has sent you a reference.

Mrs West: That's right. He was very complementary about the work you’ve done and your abilities as a leader. He said you were a very thoughtful and well-organised person.

Luke: Of course, the kids I work with at Scouts are not toddlers like the kids here at Sunshine School, but I think my experience organising games and things would help me here.

Mrs West: And your reference from the Scouts says how well the kids in your section get on with you and that they think a lot of you.

Luke: They're a good bunch of kids, but they can be very lively at times.

Mrs West: Just like the youngsters we have here! Now, I think you know the hours that the job here involves. Would these fit in with your school schedule and your extra, curricular activities?

Luke: There would be no problem with that at all. Two hours in the early evening twice a week and three hours on a Saturday morning would be brilliant. No problem at all.

Mrs West: I presume that you have exams coming up?

Luke: Yes, but if I knew my work schedule here, I would work my revision schedule around that.

Mrs West: Good. Now, what do you think you could bring to the job?

Luke: One of my hobbies is art. I do a lot of drawing and painting. In fact, I love it. Art education interests me, and I see that you do a lot of art play here. I would love to get involved in that and contribute what I could.


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