Letters from the dorm: Not those questions again!

Letters from the dorm: Not those questions again!

"Where are you from? What is your major? Are you living on campus?" If I had a dollar every time I have been asked one of those questions, I would have enough money to buy another textbook or two.

Repeating basic information is just tedious. It's also downright frustrating - and can even be embarrassing when you can't remember the name of the person you just spent 10 minutes talking to about trivial matters. You may have to resort to asking them for their Facebook name as a ruse. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have confessed this ...

I just finished my first week of college as a freshie - no exclamation mark is needed because, frankly, it's not that exciting. But yes, there are parties every night, and no mum, I don't go.

Imagine the first week of high school, with a bigger campus and student body, crazier group activities (Have you played in a rock, paper, scissors tournament with 4,500 people in a stadium before?) and more demanding classes.

The only downside was the series of ice-breakers with those silly questions. A little part of me dies inside every time I have to answer them again. My thought process goes something like this: "Does the teaching assistant know that we already know each other? C'mon, do we need to go through this introduction again. Oh, please, no!"

Silly ice-breakers aside, college has been great. I've been meeting new people, scheduling my own classes (some of mine start at 12.30pm, three cheers for sleeping in) and hanging out. That said, even after a week or so, it's already a juggling act: should I go to bed early, hang out, or start reading the assigned chapters ahead of time?

It's like giving you an ultimatum: sleep; good grades; social life ... pick two of the three.

I can only hope the next few years in college will go as smoothly as my first week, though. Yeah, the work is piling up, but what would college be without a challenge or two?


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