Mobile high fashion

Mobile high fashion

Smartphones are cool. And you can place them in trendy, colourful phone cases. For this week's Top 10, we asked readers what their favourite phone cases would look like

1. Comfort comes first

I would like to have a comfy phone case. Our fingers and hand muscles always have to bear the pain of tiresome gripping and tapping. Although we should make sure not to get addicted to smartphones, at least we need to be comfortable when we use our cold metallic gadgets.

Kate Ng

2. Umbrella-equipped

We often worry about our phones when it starts raining. Water can cause malfunctions and even damage our gadgets. So it would be nice if an iPhone was equipped with a mini-umbrella. Whenever there is a danger of our phone getting wet in the rain, the little umbrella would pop out. The little brolly could serve another function: it would make it hard for others to see what you are doing on your phone.

Samantha Lau

3. Striped, glittering and deliciously camp

A striped navy blue case with peach-pink patterns. It would have glitters and a big bow on top!

Mizuki Nishiyama

4. Cover gallery

How about a case printed with your favourite photos? It would be personal, unique, and truly your own design.

Tracy Wong

5. Invisibility coat

My favourite phone case would render my phone invisible. That way no one could steal it. If I happened to lose my invisible phone, it would not be a problem. Someone could just call me or I could find the phone by the ringtone.

Cassandra Lee

6. Futurism

A sleek and metallic design would look great for any season, with some subtle, strange patterns to spice it up. That's what I call cool.

Mimi Lam

7. Hand-warmer

Since winter is approaching, maybe someone could design a phone case that works like a heat pad. That way, people can warm their hands while talking to their friends. It would be great.

Crystal Tai


Japanese-American YouTube star Ryan Higa's signature sign-off is "Teehee". I'm still psyched by his recent trip to Hong Kong. So a Teehee-engraved phone case would be perfect.

Doris Lam

9. Fluffy toy case

Soft and furry phone covers would make my phone look like a fluffy doll. Even better would be two doll hands popping out from the sides and legs dangling at the bottom of the case. That'd be so cute - just what I want.

Lax Mona

10. DIY design

My phone case would have a whiteboard-like photo frame at the back. I'm a dynamic person whose preference changes every day. My design must suit my shifting mindsets and moods.

Winnie Lee

Next week:

The YouTube hit Gangnam Style, featuring Korean singer-songwriter Psy, has taken the world by storm. For next week's top 10, if you were to make a successful video like Psy's, what style would it be?

Send your answer, together with your name, to now, with "top10_style" in the subject bar.



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