The eye of the beholder

The eye of the beholder

Image consultancy requires a special set of people skills and a good eye for detail

There are no specific academic qualifications to become an image consultant. But what you do need is a good taste in fashion and some knowledge about make-up and hair-styling.

Some drawing skills will be an advantage, too: when it comes to creating an image, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Newcomers usually start out as assistants during fashion photo shoots. They will be in charge of getting clothes from designers and delivering them to the studio.

Moving up

The job of an image consultant is to make people look good. And it is not only about clothes, hair-style or make-up. It's also about telling a person how to walk, talk and carry themselves in public.

As an image consultant builds up their profile, they can go on to attend beauty contests to advise contestants on their makeovers.

They can also work as advisers for advertisements, films, TV shows, and fashion magazine shoots.

There is also demand for image consultation services from politicians and wealthy families.

Image consultants are also employed by companies, especially hotels and airlines. They may be asked to train staff about beauty procedures and proper dress codes.

High-profile people like celebrities often hire image consultants for various tasks, including personal shopping.

Race to the top

Image consulting is about more than making clients look good in their outfits. It's also about boosting their confidence.

Consultants should have an eye for detail to satisfy a client's needs. They should keep up to date with the latest trends in fashion, make-up and hair-styling. Reading fashion magazines and doing online research will help.

Image consultants should have excellent communication skills because they have to interact with art directors, photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists and different people who are involved in photo shoots or other projects.

Rewards and benefits

Image consultants work on a freelance basis. They are paid per project. A fashion magazine co-ordinator charges HK$3,000 per day. A personal shopper can earn up to HK$8,000 a day.

A day in the life

The working hours of an image consultant depends on the job. A fashion magazine co-ordinator usually works six hours a day. Personal shoppers work six hours a day but sometimes they will go with their client on an overseas shopping trip that will last for a few days.


Casual wear - basic clothes like sportswear that you put on when you meet friends.

Evening wear - Elegant and luxurious attire for formal occasions, such as a dinner party or dance.

Occasional wear - Clothes that you wear for special occasions, like a tuxedo or an evening gown for balls.

Interviewee: Miu Lou, general manager and image consultant, Beauty Tech



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