Lifting spirits with 'rock'

Lifting spirits with 'rock'

The Script is described as a rock band. But if latest album #3 is anything to go by, it's more of a pop-rap group that incorporates rock elements.

This is evident from the get-go as lead singer Danny O'Donoghue rapidly spits out lines about enjoying yourself in Good Ol' Days. He ups his rap game in first single Hall of Fame by working with The Black Eyed Peas's Over a catchy blend of piano keys and hip hop beats, the two musicians trade lines about what you can achieve through hard work.

While O'Donoghue spends too much time playing the rapper, he proves there's a reason he's a vocal coach on The Voice UK, showing off his impressive range in the more traditional rock songs like Six Degrees of Separation.

If there is one unmissable track here, it's the touching If You Could See Me Now, a tribute to O'Donoghue's late father and guitarist Mark Sheehan's late parents. It features beautifully penned lines such as "I still look for your face in the crowd/ Oh, if you could see me now/ Would you stand in disgrace or take a bow?"

The Script's rock credentials may be a little misleading, but #3 is a worthy album full of positive messages that will lift spirits whether they're sung or rapped.

YP Rating: 4/5

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