Script: Listening Exercise 153

Script: Listening Exercise 153


Yesterday afternoon, Ben went for a hike with Tony, a friend from his course at university. When he got home his mum and dad were out visiting friends. This morning at breakfast, Ben’s mum asks him how the hike went. Listen to their conversation and then answer the questions.

Mum: Morning, dear! I didn’t see you last night. You were in bed when we got home. How did the hike go yesterday afternoon? Did you have a good time?

Ben: Oh, Mum! I’d been looking forward to it all week, but it was a disaster. I couldn’t wait to get home and leave those three behind. I will never go anywhere with that lot again. Never in a million years!

Mum: Why? What happened? Tony’s okay. I’ve met him a couple of times and he seems like a very nice young man.

Ben: Well, I saw a different side to him yesterday. I’ve only known him a few months since I started uni, but I thought we got on really well. But it was a different story yesterday.

Mum: Oh, dear! That doesn’t sound too good.

Ben: I knew he was bringing two girl friends with him on the hike. They live in the same apartment block as he does. Mandy and Linda. Tony doesn’t bother too much with the girls in lectures. In fact, I thought he was a bit shy where girls are concerned. But yesterday he was a pain in the neck. He was showing off, flirting, talking about himself all the time with the girls. I might just as well not have been there. He more or less ignored me. I don’t know why he had bothered asking me to go in the first place. He just wanted to impress those two girls.

Mum: You never said Tony was a show-off.

Ben: He isn’t at uni. He was a completely different person yesterday. Telling the girls how wonderful he was at sports, boasting about all the new friends he’s made in class and clubs, telling them all sorts of exaggerated stuff. And they lapped it up. Tony really got on my nerves from the moment we set off.

Mum: Oh dear. What were the two girls like? Did you get on with them?

Ben: Well, one of them, Mandy, had done the stupidest thing imaginable. Can you believe this? The hike that we did from half way up Lion Rock down to Shatin isn’t difficult, but it does take a few hours. As soon as we set off, Mandy started boasting about the new pair of boots she had bought just for the hike. This was the first time she had worn them. Who in their right mind wears a new pair of boots the first time you go on a longish hike? You have to wear them in gradually to start with. Hiking boots aren’t like comfy trainers.

Mum: Quite.

Ben: Within five minutes, she was complaining that the right boot was rubbing her ankle, so we had to stop and have a look. I had got some plasters in my backpack so I gave her one. Ten minutes later the left boot was rubbing, so we stopped again. And sure enough, after about an hour the poor girl had developed two massive blisters. We used up all the plasters I had with me. We had to walk really slowly the last part of the trail, because Mandy’s feet were hurting so much.

Mum: Poor girl.

Ben: Yes, I know. But it was completely her own fault.

Mum: Was the other girl okay?

Ben: Yes and no. This was really strange. Linda was wearing a pair of yellow shorts and a yellow top. We had all given our legs and arms a good spray with repellent before we set off. For some reason, all the insects on Lion Rock liked the colour of Linda’s outfit and they wouldn’t leave her alone. I’ve never seen anything like it. She was covered in flies nearly the whole of the hike. And it must have been what she was wearing. We just couldn't get rid of them. She was almost in tears when we got down to the main road.

Mum: It sounds as if you had a wonderful time!

Ben: I did! So wonderful, in fact, I’m going back to bed now. I’m going to lie in bed all morning even though I didn't need sleep. I need to relax and recover from the stress of yesterday. See you later, Mum!


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