Perfect school tools

Perfect school tools

To be fully prepared for the new school year, you need a comprehensive pencil case containing an arsenal of stationery.

Stationery makers always strive to perfect their creations. They realise that space in a pencil case is limited, and therefore often merge the functions of two items of stationery into one - such as pencils topped with erasers and pencil cases with built-in pencil sharpeners.

For this week's top 10, Young Post asked its readers what they would create if they were to follow the same formula.

1. Glowing coloured pen(cil)

I'd say a combination of highlighters, multi-coloured pens - the ones which come in red, blue, black and green ink - and a built-in replaceable mechanical pencil. It would be excellent for homework, note-taking and marking. Teachers could use it too. But pen-makers, please don't steal my idea!

Cassandra Lee

2. Precise angle-drawing device

I would combine a compass and a protractor. It would be a compass with three arms: one for supporting, one for balancing and one for circle sketching. Students can draw a sector with a desired angle, without having to endure a stop to measure with a protractor - though it may add weight to a student's pencil case.

Gigi Wong

3. iPad without "i"

My favourite combination would be a pencil and a notepad. Then you could jot down notes, draw comics, like you can on a tablet, but still make and fire spitballs. Old-school stuff is sometimes best.

Vincent Yiu

4. Fluorescent pencil

A perfect piece of stationery should include at least a lead pencil and a highlighter, the two most necessary treasures for a good night of revision.

Mizuki Nishiyama

5. Fingernail clipper/pen

As a tong gau, I have fast-growing claws. When they grow too long, it's impossible to hold a pen in my paw anymore. A fingernail clipper on a pen would mean I could trim my nails anytime I needed to, and put that worry aside.

Dennis Goodboy

6. Right the wrong

I'd create a product which merged the functions of correction tape and a ball pen. It would be a convenient concept, but the environment might have to pay the price, as I'm not sure how you'd design refills for this specially-designed correction pen.

Michelle Lam

7. Instant helper

My ideal item of stationery almost exists: the Post-It pen, which is a pen with mini Post-It notes to tag pages. But my invention would have bigger Post-Its. I hate it when I need to write something down but can only find a pen or paper. If you merged them, it would save rummaging time. It's like two birds, one stone.

Lau Chun-kit

8. Soft to hard

I'd like a pencil with interchangeable leads of different hardness. That way, I wouldn't need to bring a pencil case-full of them to school.

Bianca Chui

9. Double deleting power

I would combine an eraser with correction tape, one at each end. It would be the ultimate deleting device, because both have the same power to erase and correct mistakes.

Kristie Chan

10. Paper union

Tape and stapler. They really should be together, simply because they help keep paper together.

Alex Tang

Next week:

For the past few weeks, we have been tackling brain-teasing questions in our top 10 column. Next week, we'll return to simplicity.

For next week's top 10, we want to know what your favourite English word is? And why?

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