A star in his own right

A star in his own right

It's unfair to call Conor Maynard the "British Bieber" anymore. Contrast is a set of braggadocio-laden tracks, far more mature than anything The Biebs has released, that will get girls on the dancefloor, and give guys new ideas for chat-up lines.

There's a good mix of hip hop, Stargate-style production and the obligatory dubstep beats, and the 19-year-old has writing credits on most songs. Tracks like singles Vegas Girl and Can't Say No are instant earworms, and the collaborations (Rita Ora! Ne-Yo! Pharrell!) proof that Maynard has gained the respect of some urban music heavyweights.

It's hard to really focus on the songs' potential, though, when almost every one has at least one verse that doesn't "scan". OK, this isn't classical poetry, but it really grates when words don't fit a natural speech pattern.

Maynard's voice is particularly impressive (and like The Other Justin) in Turn Around and Lift Off. He has a bright future. He just needs to learn how to fit words to a line. #Songwriting 101.

YP Rating: 3/5

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