Furby returns!

Furby returns!

The Furby is back! Nearly 15 years after its debut, this strangely cute, talking interactive toy hopes to take the world by storm again with new iPhone functions and LED lights.

In 1998, the Furby was at the top of every child's Christmas wish list, and over the next three years, more than 40 million were sold worldwide.

The new Furby develops a distinct personality based on the way you play with it. Play nice and it develops a pleasant, cute disposition; neglect it or don't be so nice, and it develops a mischievous demeanour.

The new Furby has incorporated Tamagotchi-like play functions. You can feed it via a free iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app that also has a Furbish-to-English translator so you can understand what the little fella is saying. Furby will also let you know how it feels through a series of animations in its expressive LED eyes.

The new Furby will be launched next Sunday and will sell for HK$699.90. It will be available in six colours, with four more available by the end of the year. Furbies can already be pre-ordered at Toys 'R' Us until tomorrow; the first 600 customers to pre-order will receive limited-edition Furby glasses. The first 50 customers at the Ocean Terminal Toys 'R' Us store to receive/purchase a Furby will have the opportunity to go to a special party next Sunday and will receive a limited-edition Furby T-shirt. Furbilicious.


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